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Hi, I'm Glenn. I'm from Iowa and I started with Trade With Me Now, back in September of 2023.

I started Convert the Vert in late November, took all the courses, read all the materials, did all the practices, started actually live trading on December 8th and I was profitable by the following week. December 16th was when I started hitting profit and I've just been going up and up ever since.

I've made a pretty good sum of money doing Convert The Vert as well as a few other strategies that are taught in MasterClass. And it's been wildly profitable for me. Six figures. And considering I started out with a cash account at $2500 it's, it's been a pretty wild ride and, I'm very excited to see what the future holds.

My best day so far doing Convert The Vert trading has been about $32,000 worth of profit.

I think my favorite things about Trade With Me Now and Convert The Vert is how complete the training is and that we have people in the rooms that are ready to assist us, answer any questions we might have, provide maybe a little bit of guidance along the way. And I mean, the education is total. They teach you everything, all the ins and outs. What are options? How do you trade options? Even if you don't know how to trade options, you can use these systems, these techniques, to make money.

Joining Trade With Me Now has probably been the best experience I've had in 15 years of trading. The techniques, the systems that they have in place here, they're easy to use, easy to follow. There's lots of guidance, lots of, of things to keep you on the rails and make sure you, you get that positive equity curve that everybody is looking for."

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